Alexander and I Have Something in Common

I didn’t much like today.  I’m a grown-up, at least chronologically, and today was a day where I whined OUT LOUD at work, “I wanna go home.”  Three separate times.  And it wasn’t my usual ‘ha-ha I’m hilarious’ wait-for-the-punchline tone.  I really just wanted to be anywhere but there today.  I have a job where when things go well, no one notices, and when things do not go well, I take one for the team.  Aside from this Empress dealio with which I’ve ordained myself, and I’m not gonna lie–I do like it–I hold no status or power.  I’m no one’s boss but my kids’ boss by design and acute avoidance–I’d be a poor boss.  And I wouldn’t be able to whine (egad–WHINE) and pout at work.  It’s possible there was a dash of self-pity thrown into the recipe today too, and I owned it.

My parents are home from their two week dream vacation, and I broke my big kid’s news to them.  It’s not often that my mom is bereft of words, but she was.  I hated making her cry.  It’s not often my dad doesn’t know what to say–he’s a writer (a REAL writer, not like me in my little folly here)–but he didn’t.  I hated rendering him silent.

“Mom says there are going to be days like this, even in Australia.”  Classic text from a classic kids’ story, one that hits the bulls-eye, threads the needle, splits the hair and nails every other possible simile today.  I’m not going to Australia though, but my expatriation will be the topic for another day.


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