Title apropos of nothing except my husband’s dingbat conversation monologue this morning.  Apparently he doesn’t care that it’s Valentine’s Day.  He does care I think, but spent a sufficient chunk of time of it reminding himself and me about his first fiancee. The monologue’s penultimate comment was “AWK-ward” in that sing-songy tone everyone knows, but, say it with me, (and you have to say the word hashtag) “hashtag buzzkill” was the hammer that drove it home when I got the chance to chime in.  Perfection.  I’m pretty sure that by all of his preamble what he really meant was, “But it all led me to you, honey, the love of my life.”  Or not.  Perhaps Gone Girl wasn’t the best movie rental for us on Valentine’s Eve. . .  Like Valentine’s Eve is even a thing.

#buzzkill fits today because we got our first muscular dystrophy bill in the mail today.  Not only is my kid looking down the barrel of a pretty shitty diagnosis, it’s going to cost thousands of dollars.  Per year.  For the rest of his life.  Wheeeee!

Other than that, it’s a pretty good day.


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