Christmas in February

I almost never get days off of school. Everyone thinks the school calendar is so awesome, and mostly it is. What is not awesome is never, ever, ever, ever, ever being able to take days off outside of the regularly scheduled school days off. The rest of the world finds it absurd that educators don’t get days off until they remember that they hate us because we have summers off. PS–we also don’t get paid in the summer, which is a long-held myth I sure wish someone would bust. But I digress.

I’m going to spend this weekend visiting my best friend in California. I’m going to not be responsible for anyone but me for three days in a row. I’m celebrating Christmas late (or early I suppose) by letting her take care of me. It’s in the single digits here, and in the 70s in LA. Being granted two days off from work (plus one more in June for a road trip of a different sort entirely) is a gift in my business. I look forward to a little amnesia this weekend. That would be a pretty sweet gift too.


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