Falling For The First Time

One of my nieces is a sophomore in college. I know that they are not supposed to have favorites, but I am certain that Lauren is my boys’ favorite cousin.  I am pleased and then some that my niece has decided to study speech and language pathology. Another of her aunts is an SLP as well, but I am pretty sure that it was my 100% expert guidance that influenced her in the most positive possible way.  OK, 65%. 30%??  10?  Throw me a bone here! 

Lauren called me last night because she needed to get a language sample. A language sample is just that, a spontaneous capture of a child’s language formulation skills.  She is coming home for spring break, and asked if I could set her up with my little one because she needs to get a spontaneous sample from a child under 10 years old. Of course. He would love nothing more than to spend a little one-on-one time with his cousin, and good luck getting him to shut up!  After we talked shop for a few moments, she asked about my big kid. We cried, and we cried, and we cried some more together but alone last night.  She asked me a bunch of questions that no one has asked me. She knew I didn’t have the answers, but kept asking the questions she had anyway, and I love that she did. She brings the honesty and curiosity of a 20-year-old young woman in the midst of her quest for higher knowledge.  Her concern comes from a place of love for her cousin, and that makes it ever the more special. 

When I started writing here, I thought a month would be a long time. And in some ways a month has been a very long time. Talking to Lauren last night not only reminded me that a month is not at all long, but also that I still have hundreds more “first time” conversations to come.  I’m starting to wonder if at every turn or with every new piece of information we receive, will I fall back into first time mode?  Falling for the first time used to make me think of new love, but it’s taken a big 180-degree turn since last night.


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