$720 is how much it costs to learn that your child has muscular dystrophy.  Actually it’s but one segment of the initial diagnostic process.  We haven’t gotten the statement from the lab for bloodwork yet.

$720 is about seven outrageous pairs of super-cute shoes.  It’s 4.3 catchers’ masks and chest protectors.  It’s 3.6 front row, center seats with meet & greet backstage passes (PLEASE don’t tell my husband this one–when it comes to my concentrated hobby, it’s strictly don’t ask/don’t tell between my husband and me).  It’s three North Face parkas. It’s two car payments.  It’s one heartbreak.


3 thoughts on “$720

  1. It’s shitty to be able to but a money value on the diagnosis. We don’t see any of that here. But we pay taxes through our noses. I think I would rather not see it. It’s like putting salt in the wound.
    Agreed, you’re a great writer.


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