Why Ed Robertson Would Be a Better Husband Than Yours 

I can say with a fair degree of certainty that this is Volume 1 of well, more than one post anyway with this or a similar title. I elected not to devote an entire blog to the topic after all. I get all swoony (is that a word?) around and about my favorite singer, but I also get all swoony around and about my husband.  I do!  But not every day all the time.  I exist in the real world, for better or for worse, and real life is not a concert stage.  What a disappointment this thing we call “the real world” can be.  Here’s a compilation of today’s reasons why Ed would reign:

  1. Ed would never have four open jars of peanut butter and two vats of gross grape jelly open at once.  Words fail.
  2. Ed would’ve had the Pinewood Derby cars at least discussed with his sons more than 24 hours before the weigh-in.  What my kids have are not so much cars as they are logs.
  3. Ed wouldn’t start making phone calls or dive into a major project at precisely the moment I’m setting dinner on the table each and every night.  Ed would notice me preparing yet another delicious dinner, and not only ask how he could help, but also serenade me while I artfully plate our meals.
  4. Ed wouldn’t say that I think too much about my kid’s disease and suggest that I just let it go.  Ed would know and understand that people process and act on grief and loss and disappointment differently.  Ed would understand that I’ve been thrust in the role of protector and advocate, and that being my big kid’s mom–that mom now–takes some getting used to.  Then he’d write me a song.

Or not.


3 thoughts on “Why Ed Robertson Would Be a Better Husband Than Yours 

  1. Best. Blog. Ever. This must be seen by a certain Canadian. Either you print it off or I will. Because you know….I’m real suble about things….


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