Another Postcard

If you are reading my story, you may have been led to believe that my perception of the world is entirely negative and sad. What kind of yahoo would lead anyone down a path of gloom and despair such as I have?  Let me tell you something good–

First, an admission:  I am such a liar! Didn’t I just say less than 24 hours ago that I don’t do Scouting? I believe I said I am marginally or minimally accountable toward my sons’ Scouting experiences overall. The past 72 hours however, I’m crazy with the stuff. Today was pick-up day for the annual ‘Scouting for Food’ drive. The boys’ troop distributed bags to individual homes last Saturday and this morning, I and other parents drove like stalkers through the neighborhood to retrieve filled bags. I’m happy to say that the haul was significantly higher than it was last year. I’m feeling pretty glass half full today, and I think it’s because 1) people recognize the need right here where we live, and 2) have more to give themselves. I feel hopeful that more people are working, and employed solidly at stable jobs paying family-sustaining wages.

The picture doesn’t do justice, but the boys and their families’ efforts filled a minivan, y’all. The kids were excited and eager and so proud of what they’d accomplished, and I feel proud of having been a part of it.  

A short while ago, we received a phone call from a neighbor apologizing for not having her bag out early enough, and what could she do to make her donation?  My boys ran up the block to her house to retrieve it, and we will drop it later this afternoon at our grocer. Their former scout leader uses the phrase, “This is where the rubber meets the road.”  He said you can talk about community service all you want, but here’s where the commitment is made. Those boys honored their commitment and then some.

Someone should write a song about me, right? I feel like someone Canadian maybe could do it up right.

I received another postcard from my sweet friend from north of the border, Chantal. She sent it just because she was thinking of me and wishing me a good week and happy spring.  She’s awesome. Chantal is a member of my tribe, and if you don’t get why my receiving “another postcard” is freaking awesome, well, you just won’t.   It’s not a chimpanzee, but it’s darn close. xoxo, Chantal!


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