624 Reasons My Friends and Family are Kick-ass

Less than 48 hours after posting the link to our MDA Muscle Walk donors page on Facebook, people from across the country have donated $624 to our effort.  Not random people solicited by telephone or by pounding the pavement and knocking on doors, but people whom I have the privilege of knowing.  Through the magic of Facebook and my little creative writing experiment here, I was able to solicit donors instantly which is cool enough (Plus it allowed me not to have to ask anyone directly for money.  Chickenshit you say?  Me??  Po-tay-to/Po-tah-to. . .).  Even cooler is the fact that these outstanding citizens of Earth are my friends and my family.  People care enough about me and the things of concern to me that they clicked and donated their way to more than six times my fundraising goal.  In 48 hours.  Early after the diagnosis, I told my best friend that while things could be worse, I wasn’t admitting to feeling lucky just yet.  Y’all proved me wrong.  Again.  The best kind of wrong, and I’m grateful to the core of my being.  I’m rarely bereft of words, but here I am:  speechless.  In the short term, thank you will have to do.  

Thank you.




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