Gonna Walk

Won’t quit.  Until I get.  To the bottom of your heart.  It’s been awhile since I’ve stolen lyrics from Barenaked Ladies for blog post titles.  It will never get old for me.  I know there’s a 12-step program for me somewhere for my “concentrated hobby,” but I am not looking for an intervention just yet.  We’re down to only 46 days to go until the first of my three concerts in 10 days June extravaganza.  I’m a person who believes in celebrating moments, and I hate the idea of not recognizing a special, random moment in anticipation of the next big thing.  Life is too short not to honor little things that leave me quietly content each day, but I am nearly unhinged in anticipation of these shows in June.  I have 46 more days which are sure to contain some extraordinary moments before then though, and I never want to wish time away.  Time is a commodity too precious to squander.

I’m also nearly unhinged in anticipation of the MDA Muscle Walk this Sunday, but not in the concert kind of way.  We are Gonna Walk on Sunday for the MDA.  They sent an email today in exalted anticipation of Sunday’s event.  I kinda want to puke.  This will be a big step for us, and I’m nervous for my kid, and by extension, for me too.  What will he think when he sees kids “like him?”  I wonder what he’ll think when he sees kids with ventilators and in wheelchairs?  Will he view them as “like him” or does he have the capacity to identify and/or understand there is a range of neuromuscular diseases?  Will he focus on what some kids seemingly can’t do instead of their possibilities?  He is not a terribly demonstrative child verbally or emotionally; it can be difficult to know what he is thinking.  Sometimes you think he’s completely tabula rasa, only to find out later that still waters do in fact, run deep. Reeeeeaally deep.

I began creating a thank you card for our Gonna Walk supporters.  Our friends and family have so far donated over $1500 to the MDA.  Seriously, you guys?  I love you.  (Also the title of a Barenaked Ladies tune, but I’ll save it for another day.)


4 thoughts on “Gonna Walk

  1. You know else is a Barenaked Ladies song? If I Had A Million Dollars. Which is what I would donate if I could. I’d also be there walking with you if I could! XOXO

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