Get Back Up

Get back, get back up, ya gotta get back, get back up

You got a whole stadium on their feet, it’s not about a victory or defeat

See, you gotta get back, get back up, ya gotta get back, get back up

I’m a little bit worse for wear, got a little bit more gray hair. . .  I’ve been dumped, I’ve been kicked around, now I’m ready for the big rebound.  I know you can’t win them all, but I’m swinging like Pitt gettin’ hits in Moneyball.

So sing my beloved Barenaked Ladies on Get Back Up, the lead track from their June 2 release, Silverball.  I take a lot of crap at work because of my “concentrated hobby” (but in all fairness, I provide an exceptionally target-rich environment for them), and today this song made me teary-eyed at my desk.  It’s not a supposed to be a “make you cry” song, but after my big kid fell of his bike yesterday and crashed in spectacular fashion, it’s that–a made me cry song–and it’s a rallying cry.  Get Back Up is an anthemic groove, and just may have become my theme for my kid’s muscular dystrophy.  I can’t stop singing it today, and it feels so entirely, terrifically 100% kick-ass.  Like the lyrics say–despite being worse for wear (yep), having more gray hair (crap), and feeling kicked around (oh hell yeah), I’m ready for my own big, damn rebound.  I really am, and I have to be–it’s not about winning or losing for him–it’s about getting out there, celebrating what he has right here, right now, today.  I hope my son rebounds and gets back up on his bike soon.  He won’t draw the same parallel from this song that I have today, but if as this song hits constant rotation on my iPhone next Tuesday, the message will hit home.  Please don’t give up on you, kiddo.  Get back up!


One thought on “Get Back Up

  1. I love this and hate it at the same time. Is that allowed? Hugs friend! Just a few more days and I will make sure you don’t have a care in the world. Love ya!

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