My Favorite Color

Before I had children, I was an avid bicyclist. Each morning I woke up, I’d throw on my shoes, my helmet and my gloves and take off for at least a couple hours.  I maintained a hard and fast personal rule/code never to travel the same path twice on two wheels.  Something about never doing or seeing the same thing through the same lens twice. . .  I don’t know.  It makes sense in my head anyway.

Before orange was my favorite color, the color of the sky on a clear summer day through my sunglasses was my favorite color. People ask you more often in your 20s and 30s what your favorite color is than they do in your 40s, but anyone who’d asked back then knew that my favorite color was the color of the sky through my sunglasses while I was riding my bike, and yes, favorite things can require such conditionality (is that a word? no?  tough.).  Words fail in describing that one, perfect shade between blue and indigo.  This morning I was out running (which I still and will probably always hate, except when I have finished, because then and only then, running is fantastic!), and I stopped dead in my cooling down tracks to admire my on-again, off-again favorite color.  Yesterday was my personal holiday, and the gift arrived today.  I probably need to explain to the old guy running his little dog in the park that I’m not (entirely) crazy, that I veered off the path because I was overtaken with the most incredible beauty the sky had to offer.  I’m totally not scary, sir, and I’m not chemically impaired, just off balance for a second or two.  *happy sigh*

Before I knew my son had MD, I would be riding the favorite color sky thing all day, but it’s occupational therapy day, and y’all know how I feel about OT.  To me, OT’s color is orange-red, like the Crayola orange-red, not a happy, bright shade, but a muddy, muddled hue.  The exercise bands that my kid uses to maintain whatever musculature he can come in shades of orange.  Peach is pukey, and while that fits my attitude schema, it doesn’t quite fit.  Orange-red feels a tad more urgent, so I’m off to orange-red in a few hours.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Color

  1. I get ya sister. I know the color of blue you’re talking about. My favorite color is the blue cloudless sky of a summer morning on Lake Michigan. No humidity. So blue it makes me want to cry. You can smell it. That’s my happy place. I need to get up there ASAP. I hate that color orange too. Love you.


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