Things That Do Not Suck Even A Little

I blog in mood swings. I’ll run a streak of emotional, not super fun posts alternating with a run of goofs. In case you’ve not been keeping score, this post will begin a run (I sure hope anyway) of the random good stuff variety.  I have a blinding headache at the moment which I’d hoped would dissipate by my being otherwise focused here, but it would seem that the migraine is going to win tonight despite my efforts to distract my ache from my brain.  Migraine 1, Wendy 0 tonight.  Migraines are the only thing that sucks today.  Read on–

The award for “These People are Entirely, Completely, Utterly Kick-Ass” goes to my MDA walk supporters.  You know who you are, and now shall the whole world know about your generosity, your true kindness in supporting the MDA because I have asked you to.  We each have a limited amount of dollars earmarked for the greater good, and that you have chosen to donate to a cause because it matters to me means more than I’ll ever be able to say.  But that won’t stop me from trying.  Thank you Amy Van Ells, Rosemary Walecki, Valerie Hoehnke, Margo Turner, Lisa Nassour, Dena Rubnitz, Terry Radtke, Rosita Hill, Tracy Klement, Janet Sandner, Bek Szypula, Nikki Leininger, and three donors who have elected to remain anonymous.  My heart overflows, and you know that my eyes are leaking.


So far, so good for Team Greater Than Gravity. Click on #whyIwalk to visit our team page.  No pressure or anything, but I will totally thank you like the supernova rock star you are the next time I run an honor roll.  xoxo

Tulips are my favorite flowers, a sure harbinger of spring and warmth.  What I love most about spring is the hope it ushers with its breezes.  Last weekend I noticed the first of several hundred bulbs just peeking through the soil. I stopped dead in my tracks and did nothing more than take a deep breath and smile.  I smile every time I look at them, and I’ll continue smiling until the last petal drops back to the earth.

No comparison to Mother Nature, but Eric Carle’s art has never, ever let me down.  I stumbled up on this scene somewhere on Facebook, and it’s simply too beautiful to keep to myself.

I’m a member of an online blogging group, and check out which blog they selected for their featured blog of the week.  I’ll give you a hint:  it’s MINE.  Bloggers are a wonderful, talented lot, and I am grateful to be included in and recognized by this group.


I write primarily about one son, but I have two.  My younger son, 10, extends kindness and silliness to everyone he meets.  He is generous of time and heart, and is possibly the most thoughtful child born to this earth.  Last weekend my little one attended a rock/gem/mineral show with his BFF.  His BFF’s mother told the kids they could buy one thing to bring home, and my little guy immediately drifted off to a jewelry vendor to purchase something for me.  His friend’s mom, a super cool badass in her own right wrote me this about the experience:

He is SO SWEET.  Honestly I think he’s the sweetest little boy I have ever met.  I told them they could each pick out one thing for themselves and he instantly started looking at jewelry.  Warmed my heart right up.  You have a very special human being.

She’s right.

He puts it around my neck every day.

I learned recently that I am not the only one to whom #fontsmatter.  I have a draft of a blog post titled just that, #fontsmatter, but it’s still in its infancy.  My co-workers think I’m a little off-kilter for my obsession about fonts and kerning, grammar and spelling, but I am not the only one!  This shirt provides a wonderful example of precisely why #fontsmatter.  #fontsmatter, but I cannot make all the photos in the post the same size, and yes, it’s making me a little nutty.  Couldn’t do it even if I didn’t have a killer headache.

MY SONG!  I own this song (as in I purchased the CD and mp3, but I TOTALLY own it in the figurative kind of way too, even Ed said something to me about “my” song last summer and he co-wrote it, so I feel completely confident in asserting ownership, or. . .), so I can hear it whenever I choose, but there’s something special hearing your song come up randomly on shuffle.  Yeah, I totally don’t need the lyrics, but I think we can all agree that I am a master screen-shotter.

Last, but not least, we have this old photo.  This was taken on my birthday last September (how else does one celebrate if not with a margarita?), so it’s not technically accurate for this week’s things that don’t suck, but frosty beverages never suck. Not ever.

Cheers, y’all!  Thank you.  I literally and figuratively raise a glass in your honor.

15 thoughts on “Things That Do Not Suck Even A Little

  1. Gratitude comes in many different forms and your graciousness flows through your post. Imagine us writing about gratitude on the same day without knowing the other one was going to! It is either a freaky twist of fate or we are kindered spirits (I like this one). Hope your migraine is better today.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I’m glad that a positive note comes through. Sometimes I wonder if my, ahem, “tone” masks the genuine love and gratitude I feel. I know my random–oooh look, something shiny–nature does come through though, for better or for worse. I appreciate you taking the time to say something nice–and for reading!


  2. Anyone who can write seamlessly about gratitude for tulips, font-control, the joy of kerning, and music in a single breezy post is a-ok in my book … and is possibly long-lost kin. 🙂 Love your blog and look forward to digging deeper into your archives and following your new words.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This made me smile big time. It’s always lovely to find another kindred spirit. Most people just kind of roll their eyes at my, ahem, “focused attention” to certain things, but I’ve met a few here on the blogosphere who get it too! Yay, us!


    • If it’s possible, you are an even more decent human being now than you were when I got to see you all the time (not going to count the number of years). I’m so happy for Facebook & reconnecting with you! Thank you for saying something nice–sorry about the insomnia part though. Missing your Max?


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