$800 is what it costs to fund one child’s week at the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Summer Camp.  My friends and family have sent 1.5 kids to camp so far.  Who are these generous and amazing people?  My good fortune.

#whyIwalk is the MDA’s slogan for their fundraiser Muscle Walk event.  My older son is #whyIwalk.

You NEVER think it’s going to be you–progressive neuromuscular disease does not happen to YOU, it happens to a friend of a friend of a friend, or some college roommate’s cousin or something.  Until it is you.  Until it’s your son you’re stumping for all of the sudden or a year+ post-diagnosis, and though you hate fundraising to the core of your very being, you ask friends and family to support a cause important to you.  And they do.  And you sit dumbfounded, tears in your eyes, reading emails stating “You have received a donation” because you have remarkable people who support you and love you.  Even when you’re a jerk or write impossibly inappropriate and/or revealing blog posts, they support and love you.  Thank you.

The MDA Muscle Walk is one month from today, no April Fool’s joke.  I’m already kinda sick to my stomach in anticipation of it, also no joke, but we will be there, Team Greater Than Gravity.  WITH matching t-shirts per our #whyIwalk.

Join our team or donate at Greater Than Gravity’s team page.


2 thoughts on “$800

    • Thanks! Please do, Jackie. Reblog, send the URL link, whatever it takes–send it to everyone you know. I’m so knocked out by the support we’ve gotten already, and there’s still almost a month to go. Thank you so much!!

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