The Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something

Earlier this evening, for the first time in my storied blogging history (go on with your bad self, WW), I posted a quote alone–well, a quote meme with little text to accompany it.  As we all know, I’m something of a talker; brevity is not one of my special gifts.  *ahem*  But I had something on my mind, so I tossed it out to the universe.  Imagine my surprise just now to discover that Look for the Good, a fellow blogger, included me in a quote challenge–post 1-3 quotes over three days in response to the 3-day Quote Challenge, and nominate 3 bloggers each day to do the same.  Sometimes the universe messes with us, and boom!  You find out you’ve already done the thing you’ve never previously done without even knowing you’ve been asked to do it.  I also ordered our family’s t-shirts for the 2016 MDA Muscle Walk tonight, which left me feeling shaky, so thank you much for the diversion.  And I do appreciate wise words, so Edmund Burke’s, which hang in my work cubicle are worth repeating here:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

For Day 1, I nominate the following bloggers for the 3-day quote challenge–these talented people were the first to react to my use of Burke’s quote:

Christel T’s Blog (which I just learned how to translate!)
The Psycho Mother
Tales From the Cabbage Patch

If you accept, post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days, and nominate 3 fellow bloggers to do the same each day.

Do something.

7 thoughts on “The Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something

  1. Wow, brilliant! Thank you for nominating me, I’ll come up with a plan, er, tomorrow (it’s 4:55 am and I’m going to bed soonish).

    I adore you for using a translation machine (I guess that’s how?), because machine translations make me nauseous, can’t read them.
    Cool, I hope you’ll like my blog.


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  3. Okay, update, I did it, at least more or less.
    To be honest, I transformed the thing quite a bit to make it fit with my blog:
    I collected 9 quotes all at once, and I will only nominate bloggers who ask me for a nomination.

    It is more like an excuse for the real thing, though I’m not sorry at all, because I worked on it for hours.
    Now that my collection is ready, I want to thank you again for the inspiration.


  4. My grandfather was named after Edmund Burke. I have done a lot of genealogy and found we are related.
    I liked that quote you wrote.
    It is a very profound quote. And very true.
    If a person does nothing to change things, they will most likely stay the same. Even one person has the ability to change things.
    Now other people need to figure out how to do it.
    And do it for the greater good.
    Lately I have wondered why I have been put on this earth. What have I done with my life. And what good have I done.
    I had to look up the word love. Wondering if I knew what love was. Strange when a person thinks they know what a word that easy is meant.
    Love is a very powerful word. And the most important one to us all.

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  5. All I can think of about why I am on this earth is maybe because I am a “fixer”. I fix animals, sometimes people. Or other things.
    I am a cleaner and a person who tries to maintain patience? Which seems to wear a bit. But then it comes back. Which is a good thing.
    Seems I am always caring for animals and people.
    Does that count for anything with God? I wonder sometimes if that is enough.
    The current situation I am in is very stressful. And I try dealing with it one step at a time.
    I imagine your life is more stressful. You have a very good attitude towards life. 🙂 and quite a bit of patience too.
    Sometimes I think life teaches us many things in life. And some of it will come back later in life. Or it seems to.
    I am glad you used the word “good” instead of “well”.
    Most likely it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just good.?
    If it was well…..I dont know how many can actually say they can do it well.
    That reminds me of the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”
    Gee..I hope I am making…my brain is on shutdown I think. Long day.
    Take care and may you have peace. 🙂

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