Dear Universe, 

You dropped something way beyond amazing this week. I’m rarely one bereft of a snappy response, but anything short of the most profound thanks would be inappropriate here.

You may have heard?  We are participating in the MDA Muscle Walk this weekend?  Did I mention?  Um, yeah. Tuesday night I check our team page to begin jotting my final thank you list, and I spy what I’m sure is an error. See, it was late, and my contacts were pretty much glued to my eyeballs by then, so I was certain I was mistaken.  But no.  What did I spy with my little dried-out contact lens-stuck eye?  A $1,000.00 donation to Team Greater Than Gravity. 

I don’t know its source.  I don’t know many people who have $1,000.00 to funnel to a charity event, and I definitely don’t know anyone so dedicated to and invested in my particular cause that he/she/they would see to it that that sum of money would find its way to me.  But he/she/they did.  Thank you.  Do you know me, or have you confused me with someone a little less smart-assy?   Do I know you?  I want to thank you personally, but while the universe found a way to make us the recipient of such generosity, it will deny me a way to find out the source.  There is something mysterious and beautiful about the anonymity–something that gives me pause, that makes me turn my head at a shadow I think I saw.

Maybe a few days out I’ll connect some dots, but for now all I know is this:


You have done good.  More good than you can know, and more than I can find a way to express with mere words.  In that spirit, we too go out into the world Sunday to help do good, not only for my own kid, although I’m not gonna lie–we didn’t do the event before his diagnosis.  Before, our dollars went to exceptionally worthy (to me) causes like the American Red Cross who rescued me when my house burned down in 1994 and the Wisconsin Humane Society, the American Lung Association and the United Performing Arts Fund.  After, we’ve become rather single-minded with our “philanthropy.”

The Muscle Walk isn’t a race, it’s no competitive event, but I sure am nervous.  I have a feeling the universe will smile upon me and help me put one foot in front of the other until we’re done though.  I’ve got a real good feeling about that.



7 thoughts on “Dear Universe, 

    • I must be doing something right in this world that someone somewhere thinks enough of me to have written this. On those many, many days I’m sure I’m screwing up a hundred ways before even getting out of bed, I will remember this. Thank you.


    • As time marches forward, I’m finding I have no choice! I have these wild ideas about it being someone well-known because of the large sum alternating with it being someone I know well who just doesn’t want me gushing. I am trying to be cool with not knowing, but I want to shout “thank you” with a thousand exclamation marks! It’s freaking amazing. Amazing!

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