Wordless Wednesday

Right, like I could pull off wordless. Why communicate without words when 213 will do?  I’m ornery (-ier?) today because mendacity is our kitchen contractor’s unofficial motto. In place of bitching though (because stay tuned, surely there is enough fodder to fuel an upcoming “Lies Our Kitchen Contractor Told” post that at least octuples the 213 words I suggested above and I’m really in no mood for “I told you so”), I’m sharing with you a gift I received yesterday.

It’s Wordless Wednesday in the blogosphere, but I am not wordless; I’m speechless.  This arrived on my doorstep last evening from my friend, Nikki.  She’s been drawing and sketching in response to and/or in avoidance of the hate and crazy perpetrated on social media of late ’cause she’s smart like that.

Have you had something created especially for you?  Not because you commissioned a piece of art, but because a friend thought enough of you to create something spontaneous and unique, because that friend wanted to wrap you up in a hug so tight it would make right everything in your world?  My friend created something quite distinctively me: my song;  greater than gravity for #1 Son; baseball for #2.  She recently referred to me as the friend everyone needs, but that’s not me.  It’s her.  See?

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Now it is me that is speechless. I am sorry it isn’t better. And I am sorry it is in a giant frame. And wait…it that a baseball bat BEHIND the ball? Because if so it is WAYYYY too big. No, kid. It’s the bench. Geeezzzz……Jerk. 😉

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    • The frame is perfectly sized, and I love it. LOVE everything about it. Well, maybe I’d love it more if that bat wasn’t so big!!!! I’m killin’ myself here with that one! xoxo Love you, my friend!


    • Not always, but I do have my moments! Sometimes when I feel like I’m maybe acting too much like a yahoo, I look at this group of friends I’ve amassed, and know that I must be doing something right. Happy sigh.

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