Proof Of Life

You guys, this is so stupid.  We got an invoice from our kitchen contractor over the weekend requesting final payment.  I stand fast in my “hey, finish the job and I’ll finish paying  you” position, and sent them a very nice email today saying just that.  For reals it was all cordial and professional and stuff and not one note of sarcasm could be detected.  Well except for those two parenthetical (Tom finished this task) comments as I detailed the punch list items.  But really those are more informational and not accusatorial.  And to think they have yet to respond. . .

Because apparently I am morphing into something of a paranoiac, I began to think of all the ways they could screw me over (more ways than straight-up ignoring us and not finishing the job, that is).   I sought some way to time stamp that the lockbox is still in place to prove that I’m really not that big a jerk, that I really just want you to do the things you said you would and get your crap out and off of my house.

I came up with this, and then I kinda threw up in my mouth a little bit realizing those two buffoons in the headline would be in my blog for all eternity.  Sure, I could wait until tomorrow morning to offer up proof of life (who me, dramatic?), because it seems I’m not THAT big a paranoiac to believe the contractor’s gonna steal into my neighborhood tonight under cover of darkness to fetch it.  Holy run on sentence!  Plus by tomorrow who knows what kind of political ridiculousness will lead the front page?

Anyway, here it is.  My contractor isn’t done and here’s proof–according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel it’s 10/11 and the lockbox is still attached to my door, going on four months now.  You all are going to back me up on this, right?

2 thoughts on “Proof Of Life

    • 🙂 Just that the lockbox is still attached to my door two months after the day they guaranteed it would be done. (Thanks for prompting me to edit) There are NO LIES on my end whatsoever. There may or may not be a wee element of drama though. Just sayin’.


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