Fun With Acronyms

So #2 says to me, “Yeah, I heard someone say something today about a MILF. What does that stand for, Mom?”

Me:  *silent sigh inward* It’s inappropriate. It’s not something I want you saying, Honey. 

#1:  But what does it mean, like generally?

Me:  It’s a term that refers to when you find someone’s mom attractive. 

#2: OK, that makes sense then. I figured the ‘M’ had something to do with mom. 

Me:  Yeah, it stands for “mother I’d like. . .” and I’m not telling you the rest. It’s inappropriate for kids your ages. 

#2:  Yeah, that is what I thought. 

#1:  I bet the ‘F’ stands for “franchise.”

Me:  Hysterical, hysterical laughter.  Go to bed, my loves. 


And I swear on every single thing I hold dear that this is EXACTLY how this exchange went just now. I am KILLING this parenting gig, y’all!  Franchise??!  Couldn’t make this up if I tried. 

8 thoughts on “Fun With Acronyms

  1. LOL, you ARE killing it! Reminds me of when my oldest came home from Kindergarten and asked what holding up your middle finger meant. I paused, cringed and asked him what he thought it meant. His little face thought a minute, then said, “It means you don’t love God.” Yes, YES, that’s it! #Momsforthewin πŸ™‚

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