My Experts Predict The 2018 World Series

Jackie’s blog is a must-read for any baseball fan, but I am a little partial to this post especially, I must admit. Check out her ace team of post-season prognosticators, and pay special attention to the ringer. ❤️

The Baseball Bloggess

“The Yankees will bash their way to the AL pennant. In the end, Washington will prevail, thanks to its stars – and, yes, a little luck.” – Sports Illustrated, 2018 MLB Preview

Sports Illustrated’s  pre-season World Series picks have been amazingly consistent:

2017 – Dodgers (wrong). 2016 – Astros (wrong). 2015 – Indians (wrong). 2014 – Nationals (wrong). 2013 – Nationals (still wrong). 2012 – Angels (wrong).  2011 – Red Sox (wrong). 2010 – (I’ve lost interest).

Sports Illustrated has never correctly predicted the World Series winner in its annual MLB Preview. Well, maybe they have. I don’t know. I got bored around 2010.

All I DO know is that my team of experts – first gathered in 2015 – has never been right and during that same period neither has Sports Illustrated.  To be fair, my panel has also included cats and, in 2016, a one-eyed possum…

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7 thoughts on “My Experts Predict The 2018 World Series

    • You bet I shared it. This is an annual tradition, and I mean it sincerely when I say that it is a total thrill to be part of it. Well, to have my ringer be part of it. He is a terrific kid, sweet and funny—he has a heart of gold, and that you’ve given him a spotlight in this way is a gift to me, his number one fan! Thank you, Jackie!


  1. Hello from a Tigers fan (Not REAL Tigers, that’d be cruel!). I thought Jackie’s predictive post beat the bejabbers out of anything Sports Illustrated has ever done. Your son looks authoritative while making his bold prediction for the Tribe. Play ball!

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    • Her annual picks have become one of my annual traditions, and I couldn’t be happier than my goofball is part of it this year. He does look authoratative, doesn’t he? He’s not a kid who shows a lot of swagger, but he does look it here. Play ball!!


  2. One of our local radio stations has a sports guy called “The Coach” who’s an expert on all things sports-related. Every year, the morning DJ gets his daughter (starting from the time she was four–she’s now 7) to make HER football picks and The Coach makes his. She is right more often than he is, even though she bases hers on animals she likes (Dolphins are prettier than Eagles etc.) It’s hilarious!

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    • It’s fun to hear the why and wherefore of people’s leanings and favorite teams. Where I live, being a Green Bay Packers fan is embedded into one’s DNA, so there’s the local tie, but I do wonder why people otherwise favor the teams they do, what the draw is. (Other than dolphins being such beautiful sea creatures, of course!) 😉

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