Nobody Better, Vol. 3

Happy Anniversary to us!  Fifteen years ago May 10, two crazy kids (OK, two crazy early/mid-30 somethings) vowed to love, honor, and laugh like idiots for ever and ever in front of one hundred of our favorite people.

We obeyed none of the traditional wedding must-do stuff, and charted our own unique course down the aisle.  Unexpectedly and spontaneously, my husband kissed me when my dad deposited me at the front of the room, the officiant “yelling” at Tom about not following the rules.  Everyone laughed, and my mother-in-law cried.  It was genuine.  And perfect.

Our wedding occurred pre-The Knot, pre-online registries, pre-social media, pre-anything electronic pretty much, yet somehow we managed to pull off a springtime tulip-filled wedding that fit few rules, but fit us perfectly.

Though we weren’t a young bridal couple, in our photos, compared to now, we look so young.  I loved my dress, simple as it was, and if it were appropriate in even the very teensiest way, I’d wear that baby to little league or while grocery shopping.  I’d wear it weekly until I tired of it, which is possibly never.

We went quickly from two to three to four, and three and four keep us steadily occupied these days.  We find ourselves in the midst of the wonder years–you wonder just where in fresh hell the time goes.  That’s my interpretation of “wonder years” anyway.  Fifteen years.  *poof*

This year’s “I sing a song  for us”on our anniversary (well I would if I could sing well enough to sing publicly) comes from–quelle surprise!–Barenaked Ladies’ Nobody Better–

Tell me does it show?

Wherever I go you’ll be on my mind.

Nobody better, forever and ever, I’ll weather this with you.

Nobody better, Tom.  Happy Anniversary!

3 thoughts on “Nobody Better, Vol. 3

  1. I must be a late-blooming romantic, because the older I get, the happier these kind of stories make me! “Happily Ever After” takes a lot of work and commitment; it’s a garden that needs to be tended daily. And even for the most committed of us, life has a way of making that challenging. It’s no small feat what you two “kids” are celebrating. Happy Anniversary, Wendy and Tom!


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