What I Did On My Summer Vacation

  1. Wake earlier than is required even during the school year. Yep, 5:11 AM. At least I remembered to disengage my alarm clock this year. Go, Wendy!
  2. Linger in bed for just a little.
  3. Meditate. Well, do a little guided meditation via the Calm app. Educators were given access to the app because, well, because being an educator is freaking hard, and mindfulness is a hot buzzword at present. I was ready to write it off as horse-hockey, but today? I was calm (which may or may not have had something to do with the fact I didn’t have to be out the door at seven bells).
  4. Savor a cup of coffee. Slowly. While seated. In my recliner. Reading a book.
  5. Celebrate that the #mprraccoon scaled its way to the roof of the UBS Building in St. Paul. Had he not summitted safely, my friend Nikki would have been inconsolable.
  6. Re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-commit to a healthier lifestyle and losing the 8 pounds that, like a cheap suit, keep hanging on, fitting poorly, gauche and out-of-style.
  7. Walk Sparky a good 2+ miles. See #6
  8. Celebrate the end of Sparky’s explosive diarrhea week. I even called my husband! Yes, this is my life. Cheering less messy dog mess. Jaysus.
  9. Smile at the man who beeped his horn and waved at me to remind him that people can be decent. He had that “oh shit” face of embarrassment when he realized I wasn’t who he believed I was when the scene opened. Notice the birds chirping, the hundred shades of greens, purples, and pinks that popped now that summer has finally agreed to stay a while.
  10. Think a lot and hope and wonder about my kid away at MDA Camp this week.

Four hours in, and so far I’m killing this summer vacay thing, dontcha think?


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