Ain’t Nothing Fair About Any Of This

I’m not naive enough to believe that life is “fair.”  I’m a grown up after all.

But it does feel especially unfair to have to pay my employer for the days I took off from work to be with Tom while he was hospitalized.  I’m a hard-working, loyal employee–I would have to be near death to call in sick to work myself, ask my colleagues.  Even with two paid maternity leaves in my work lifetime, the bank of sick hours I’ve accrued is enormous.  Ridiculous, really.  I show up.  The occasions I do call in to work are for when my children are sick or have appointments during the day.  Oh, and there was that time my husband was nearly killed a few months back.

I learned yesterday that not only did I get docked three days pay from my last paycheck (which I’d believed was being made right), I actually have to pay them back.  I literally have to give them back another week’s worth of pay.  I don’t get paid over the summer, so I have something like a negative balance, and will owe them money once I begin working again.  I have to PAY MY EMPLOYER to get to work there, which is pretty much the opposite of how I thought this going-to-work system was set up.  I owe them money.  THAT, friends, is not right.

Every detail from the first call I got saying there’d been an accident to my wait in the emergency department before being allowed to see my bloody, broken husband for the first time to signing informed consent for neurosurgery to watching him suffer more intense pain than any man should have to endure to losing his personality and memory to regaining some of that personality and memory to the panic of watching him walk again to the sheer terror of being responsible for his care upon discharge to everything he’s lost and we’ve lost as a family has been running through my consciousness on this constant loop since I’ve come to grips with this ludicrous payroll information.  I’m reliving my own real life horror movie, and I can’t stop crying.  I do believe this is the part where I, at long last, completely lose my mind.

The truth?  I was sick while he was in the hospital. It would not have been dishonest to have called in sick for me for every day I missed work to be with him  My heart was broken, and I was disoriented.  I couldn’t eat or sleep and my head hurt all the time.  I was legitimately sick, but it was pretty obvious that the underlying etiology of this particular strain of illness was my husband’s accident.  But because I didn’t call myself in, I’d exhausted my allotment of sick time allowed for the care of others per the employee handbook.  So it’s my fault.  It’s not enough that this nightmare accident threw our lives into chaos, there’s this added bonus of feeling like the fucking idiot for not knowing better.  I’d hashtag “epic fail,” but I’m not feeling particularly cute about this.  I’m beaten.  I surrender.

The moral of the story apparently is this:  Lie.  Everyone else does.

I received hundreds of loving, supportive text messages while I held vigil over my husband in the ICU, but one keeps coming back to me this morning.  A friend told me how unfair this all was, the accident and its fallout.  I remember texting in reply to her, “Ain’t nothing fair about any of this.”  Nope.  Not one thing.

13 thoughts on “Ain’t Nothing Fair About Any Of This

  1. I feel for you and your husband. two years after my stroke and my personality and physical capabilities have permanently changed. it’s almost a year after my fall and my left arm will never be the same and I still have a surgery to go for my left shoulder.

    I don’t have the right words for you so all that I can say is to hang in there. things will improve and the two of you will adapt. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Jim. I still feel fortunate that he’s around for me to cry over, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t (all of us really) working through some loss. It sounds like you know directly about changes you don’t expect or plan for, and I’m happy you have your sense of humor intact and seem to have a strong outlook! Thank you for the encouragement–some days I need it more than others.


  2. What the actual hell? There certainly isn’t anything fair about what you and your family have had to endure since Tom’s accident. What has happened to your employers sense of human decency? You should probably just tap into your sick bank and call out for the first month or so of school. I’m so sorry. Sending you a big hug.

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    • I’m hopeful that something can be done. Once I can have a professional conversation without completely dissolving into tears, I will try to get clarification and some kind of remedy. It feels quite a lot like rubbing salt in the wound, adding insult to injury, all of the above–nothing has been easy since the accident, that’s for sure, but I’ve got some pretty good people in my corner. Fingers crossed!


      • Wendy- I am sorry you are going through this. What he needed was you to get better! I needed my spouse too. A year after my TBI, I am being evaluated differently, looked at differently and still struggling to make it to normalacy. See if you can ” receive sick hours from peers as DONATION to cover your time lost or take your allotted time from the Fall”s allottment” I wish I could give you mine- but I don’t have any either, love, ginger

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    • Yeah, reading the employee handbook wasn’t first on my list of reading materials when this went down. I was more concerned with, ah, you know, my husband not dying. Information about neurosurgery, his head being stapled together, massive cranial fractures, brain injury, ear avulsion, other broken bones was really more on my must-read list. Silly me.

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  3. If I remember correctly, back when this particular suck-fest started, the Mayor said to you, “If there’s anything you need…”

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    • Yeah, well it seems I should have brought the handbook to Tom’s bedside. It’s on me it seems. Let’s hope that decency prevails. Hell, I’d settle for pity at this point. It’s more money than I can comfortably write off. 😢


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