That’s What She Said

That’s What She Said is a party game of twisted innuendoes, so says Amazon, a little up-and-comer retailer you may have heard about.  I think they’re gonna be big, y’all.  Amazon’s description continues on to say the game is an “outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next get-together or adult game night. It’s the board game equivalent of spiking the punch.”  They’re underselling it.

For his big 5-0, my husband wanted not a big party, but a little get-together game night with his family, and that is what went down Saturday night.  Since the accident and the hearing loss it caused, hearing in noise is difficult and sometimes stressful for him.  For that and a few other post-accident reasons, the big party I wanted was nixed.  I mean, what kind of wife would I be to throw a party that would be potentially traumatizing??

After the food, after the outdoor component–a family walkabout to the Pumpkin Pavilion, where hundreds of jack-o-lanterns are stacked and illuminated at the park near our home, after the photos, but before the cake: game time.  The game is similar to Cards Against Humanity in terms of play and inappropriateness, but for whatever reason, That’s What She Said, shines more brightly than Cards.  And by shines, I mean brings you down to your most base, most explicit and suggestive, most “Hi, I’m 12” sense of humor.

I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced laughter like that in my life.  Tears ran down our collective faces!  The readers could barely even read the responses thrown down for consideration so intense, hysterical, and MY CHEEKS HURT deep we were into the awkward hilarity.  I’m no prude, and am comfortable around the f-bomb and other assorted profanities, but I wasn’t quite certain my kids should play. . .   OK, they did.  I don’t know that my teenagers understood every card that got played, but they played some beauts and laughed as hard and long as anyone.  Long and hard.  That’s what she said!  *ba-dum-tsssss*

Game night was perfection.  The right-size celebration with the right-size crowd. Thank you family for traveling here to mark the event.

That my husband is still here to celebrate the big 5-0  milestone birthday today is as much a miracle as anything that can be experienced here on earth.  Happy birthday, Tom.  Thanks for not dying.  Thanks for fighting and clawing your way through rehab to come back to me and the boys.  Thanks for being a model of strength, hard work, integrity, and decency for our boys.  It’s your birthday, but we’ve gotten the gift.  Raise a glass to the guy who survived!  The guy whose doctors told him that people with skull fractures as massive as his were don’t usually make it. He made it.

3 thoughts on “That’s What She Said

  1. Ooh I love family game night! We’re currently making our way through the many rooms in Escape Room: The Game, which is awesome fun, but I think the kids would like That’s What She Said! Glad Tom enjoyed his birthday:-)

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