Election Day

The forecast called for clear skies and sunshine here on Election Day. I rose before the sun, grabbing a front row seat to the sun breaking the horizon over Lake Michigan. As I headed out the door, I mumbled something to my husband about finding or creating some sort of metaphor, confirming that no matter what the day’s outcome, the sun still rises.

Tuesday was un-Wisconsin-like warm, mid-70s temperatures bliss, and I wasted not one moment. I completed a little yoga practice when I returned home from the lakefront. I assiduously avoided the television. Our Echo Show responded as commanded to, “Alexa, play ambient music” and I floated in its trance. I walked the dog. I took photos of this incredible display of urban art along with an incredible display of urban forestry in the form of the reddest maple leaves I’ve ever seen south of Canada’s flag. I muted all social media notifications on my phone. I texted a few people I don’t connect with often enough and love to bits to tell them I was thinking about them. My younger son and I walked for miles. I cracked the spine on Dan Rather’s What Unites Us, a collection of essays I cannot recommend highly enough. I prepared a complicated dinner. I even dusted the living room and Windex-ed up a few windows because Tuesday was a day for making good choices.

7 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. One of the changes I’m looking forward to, Wendy, under a (presumed) Biden administration, is to be able to reallocate some of that energy I now spend constantly worrying about the Big Issues — the pandemic, climate change, democracy itself — and put it back into the “little things” all around me: recreational reading; the wind in the leaves; the music on the radio. It’ll be nice to take in some of the small details over always having to fret about the Big Picture — the very thing we elect politicians to do!

    Hope it was a nice day for you…

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  2. Sounds lovely! I also made a conscious choice to avoid media and made some good choices. Not ALL good choices, but some. I took a walk with a friend and did some cooking and listened to a nice audio book, “City of Girls” by Elizabeth Gilbert. (Not the best thing I’ve listened to all year, but good.) I also cleaned out my file cabinet.

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