School Colors

Me to my younger son, as he’s getting dressed for his baseball game: I just love your school colors!

My son: Not exactly a vacant stare, but not exactly a look of accord.

Me: Do you know what color this is?

Son: I know it’s either blue or purple.

Me: It’s the best shade of royal blue. Come here once, let me show you something.

Me: Take a look at this tile in the kitchen backsplash. What color is the outside square?

Son: It looks blue to me.

Me: It is. What about the inside square?

Son: Pink or red maybe? There’s no way that’s purple.

Me: Yep. It’s purple.

In the grand scheme of things that can be obstacles, but aren’t precisely devastating, among them is color blindness. It’s not going to hurt him physically (unless he decides maybe to try his hand at electricity), but sometimes I see what he can’t. There is beauty in the most everyday of scenes.

Go, Huskies!

5 thoughts on “School Colors

    • It’s the best, isn’t it? I have no design sense, other than to recognize what I like, and when they showed us this tile design, it was more than like. I had to have it! I’m so glad I dug in my heels on this one–every day I look at it and love it as much as I did the first I saw it.


    • My kitchen backsplash is my favorite space in the entire house. It’s gorgeous, and so perfectly me! I just love it, and it was the one thing I was willing to go to the mat for when we remodeled. Tom picked out pretty much everything, but I got my tile!

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