Public Service Announcement

Friends, I implore: Try really, really, REALLY hard not to get run over by a truck at work because the runaround you’re given by insurance carriers and billing agents even years post-accident will exhaust your wife to the point that she’s left little more than an enraged, cursing like a sailor, hollow shell of her former wise-cracking self.

Sometimes just putting it in writing and tossing it out to the universe is enough to rattle my cage of rage and move on.

You though? I hope you are having a marvelous Monday. For reals. I hope the sun is literally or metaphorically shining upon you and that people you call and email to help arrange medical care have the common courtesy to return those contact attempts. (OK, that last part might be a wee bit personal and specific to me and may suggest just a tiny bit that I’m not completely ready to move on, but as it’s been famously said, tomorrow is another day–a whole twenty-four hours ripe with the possibility of a return call or email–the anticipation is simply killing me.)

7 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

    • You’re so kind to offer, but there really isn’t anything to be done. My frustration with the lack of apparent care and responsiveness hits a boiling point from time to time, and yesterday was one of those times. Just saying what you did is everything, Chris. Thank you.


  1. So sorry, Wendy. God willing within our lifetimes the United States will come to its senses and abandon our gloriously dysfunctional, employer-based, for-profit health-care system in favor of Medicare for All. Until then, keep your chin up.


    • I so look forward to it! It’s been more than two years since the accident! I’m not sure what I’d expected my life would be like two years post-, but I am sure I didn’t think I’d be going back and forth with two insurance companies in a cage match to determine once and for all who cares less. The newest twist is the workers comp insurance *might* pay for the hearing aids, but we won’t know whether they will until we buy them. What the heck kind of system is that? I don’t have $7000 just lying around to maybe spend or maybe keep. I’m gearing up my best writing A-game for that email flurry. Ughhhhhhhhhh.

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  2. I’m with you in empathy over all that bullshit. Also, I had to see my own family doctor last week and he was as big a dick as always, resulting in me ending up at the Urgent Care clinic yesterday, and isn’t that just a treat? Hope things are better for you today ❤️

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