Bring It

Here we sit on the very cusp of a new year, still/again raging with COVID-related uncertainty, but still, what’s perceived by many as the most hopeful night there is, New Year’s Eve.

The only thing that’s predictable these days is my continued stand against New Year’s resolutions. I don’t make resolutions, or even pretend anymore! Most years, I’m out before noon, and that’s just defeatist. Real, but defeatist. So my hope?

My hope is that the New Year’s Day snowfall predicted in my corner of the world delivers. It would be super-amazing-fantastically awesome if, unlike our Christmas Eve festivities, our New Year’s Day festivities included electric power to our home. Yep. The moment my uncle and aunt arrived for, and thankfully WITH dinner Christmas Eve, our power went out and remained out until, and I swear, until my aunt said, “Well, we should probably get going” after six hours in the dark. So I hope our power grid holds.

I hope my children will be able to return to in-person learning in January. Based on what I’m reading, I’m among a very small minority of educators who want teaching occur in person. I’m a full-on COVID-believer, so this doesn’t come from some whacko flat-Earth point of view, I just feel my children learn better and enjoy better mental and emotional health when in school with classmates. I understand that might not happen, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hope for it, right?

I hope my big kid gets one more really important to him college acceptance letter, the ONE upon which every other college visit and future choice is pinned. He has four incredible options already, so he can’t lose really.

GoodReads provided this little visual of some of the books I’ve read and the Pic Collage app created the visual.

I hope I continue my reading blitz. Somehow it ended up that I completed 62 books again this year, which is the exact same number I read during 2020. Weird, huh? I’m finishing up a book about memory, and feeling much less frightened about the decaying state of affairs in my hippocampus. It’s enough being the family’s executive functioning, more than enough. Way more than enough. I’d begun to doubt my ability to manage, but his new information gives me hope. It’s not necessarily my memory that’s failing, it’s the attention. And there’s only so much to which I can attend (see above for being the family’s nerve center), so my brain doesn’t encode the minutiae it once did. It’s more complex than this, obviously, but it’s a start.

I hope I continue my yoga practice on a slightly more routine basis. I’m inconsistent at best, but like reading, yoga is something I get to do all by myself in peace and quiet. If it’s wrong to want to be alone, I don’t want to be right.

I hope my friend gets clear updates about her husband’s new and unwelcome long-haul type of medical diagnosis, and I hope her husband gets excellent care.

I hope I get to see my favorite band in concert in 2022. I have tickets, carried over for three years now, but even now who knows if this tour will come to fruition? It had gotten to a point that I infrequently even listened to Barenaked Ladies anymore these days, even with 2021’s new album release! They’ll probs pull my fan card after this admission here. I won’t be able to explain it well, but listening to them on the high rotation (read: constant) I had been for years made me miss them, miss concerts, miss my friends I’ve made because of them. For the first time ever, I felt sad listening to them–missing my constant auditory companions, missing the anticipation of shows, so not listening made me miss that part of my life less. Does that even make sense? So I hope for Barenaked Ladies concerts in 2022!

I hope my best friend’s move goes smoothly, and that our living in the same time zone for the first time since college means more together time. We’re already percolating the idea of a road trip (and by road trip I mean staying pretty close to home still because I fear being away too long), but still. A road trip?? It’ll be like college! Except with higher-quality food and beverage. And we’re way smarter now. Well, she is anyway!!

New Year’s Eve and July 4 are my least two favorite “holidays,” and yeah, I put the quotes around holidays here. I’ve just never been into either, but I always feel like I’m SUPPOSED TO be totally into it, and my disinterest and ennui mean I must be missing something. What am I missing??

If today’s your day (night), raise a glass to the hope of a new year and enjoy your celebration! I am the least optimistic person I know, but I’ll say it anyway: bring it, 2022. I’m about as ready as I get and I’m hoping 2022 is looking up. Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “Bring It

    • Look at you, providing a perfect counterpoint! A very happy new year to you, Chris! Continued happiness and success to you in the new year. May you find meaning and contentment in your deeply appreciated work and in your everything else outside it!


  1. Here’s to live music, THE college acceptance letter, good health and good times spent with your favorite people doing fun things. After slogging through the past 3 years, that’s the least the universe can do for you, right? Happy, happy new year my friend.

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    • Last night Eli asked when our last normal year was, and we had to go all the way back to 2018. Let’s hope that 2022 is kinder to our family, to us all. Can’t wait to see you in ‘22!


  2. Here’s hoping that 2022 brings you all the things you hope for! And continue your reading blitz by picking up a little-known short story collection called Feasting Upon The Bones. I’m told the author is kind of weird, but nice. Happy New Year Wendy!

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