My Tribe

So I have these people in my life.  They share my “concentrated hobby” (ahem, love for our band Barenaked Ladies).  We’ve taken to calling ourselves a tribe because of this quote here, found and posted by my friend Nikki:


These weirdos girls are my tribe, and they get a part of me that the rest of my friends and family do not.  We are a collection of girls from around North America and the UK, and these weirdos have become a support group of sorts for me.  I’m not ready to join any MDA moms groups, in fact I’m avoiding that aggressively at this point.  But this group, my tribe, and its chief weirdo (and I mean that with 100% love and affection always), Nikki, always make me smile and laugh and feel part of something special.  They’re incredible.  Nikki, on behalf of the tribe, made and sent this card which arrived yesterday:

Ed Card

On the inside was printed “Like bad hair, tough times don’t last forever.”  Yep, that’s me in 1989 in the bedroom of my first apartment.  That’s the focus of our concentrated hobby Photoshopped onto the body of an ’80s hair band rocker.  And for the record, I don’t think my hair is bad–I think it was spectacular!  Ed’s barber is the one who really needs a good talking-to, right?

They’re right–bad times don’t and won’t last forever.  Man, this made me laugh.  It does every time I look at it.  Thanks to my tribe for taking care of me.  I love you guys!

3 thoughts on “My Tribe

  1. Not only is the hair amazing but so are the shoulder pads, belt, and the person in all of them. Bon Jovi pointing at you in the poster in the back is just the icing on the cake. I’m glad you laughed. It was supposed to be a valentines day surprise but I couldn’t wait. XOXO


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